Big reflectors for bike spokes, Silver

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Résiste à la pluie et aux UV



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Increase your visibility

By bike, we do not hear you! It is therefore paramount to be visible.

Ultra easy to install, with a wide selection of colors, these reflectors * with catadippes lit as magic in the light of the headlights and make you more visible.

• 360 ° visibility
• Pack of 12 units
• Length: 8 cm
• Adapt to all standard rays of 1.8 to 2 mm (bicycle, cargo bike, wheelchair, etc.)


How it works ?
Glass microbeadscontained in your reflectors, also called catadioprists, reflect in the dark under a light source as well, eThere are 360 ​​° visible.
In other words, the car arrives from left or right, whether you are in maneuver or you went straight, your reflectors will shine under the light of the headlights. *


Retroreflective and non-phosphorescent
In the dark, a phosphorescent material rejects the light stored in the day. When there is more, there is more. A retroreflective material returns the light in the dark thanks to its glass microbeads. There are never more since the retrorefleching does not give up any energy, it only returns the light. As a result, it is the ideal subject to strengthen your road safety.


Each stick has an opening that allows you to clip it on the radius. Once in place, reflectors for bicycle rays do not move anymore.


How many reflectors by wheels
Our reflectors are sold by Pack of twelve, however there are no rules. Some like to put a lot, others prefer them by small keys. On our bike, we made the choice of a wheel packet. 


Tested for you
• Altis Play tested them for you, we publishhereHis video, with his permission of course.
• At Rainette, none of our accessories are placed on the market before being tested by the team. Our reflectors, we test them on a daily basis on our bikes, in heat wave, rain, snow. For 18 months, they always illuminate our nocturnal trips.

* Object of fantasy, does not replace a mandatory security element or regulatory lighting.

Ecoresponsabilité | Nos matières premières

From the moment we produce, pollute. However, today we can produce better to pollute less. Our process is certainly, not yet optimal, but it has the merit of existing and progress.

Our reflective devices are:
• Solid and durable
• Do not require power source to work
• Do not produce unnecessary light pollution and are therefore less disturbing for wildlife than a lighted light.
• Easy to destroy at the end of life and potentially recyclable and reusable.

Our reflective fabrics
All textile equipment are manufactured in a BSCI * certified factory near Shanghai. The fabrics are Oeko-Tex 100 certified and are recyclable.

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Easy back!

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How to proceed ?

1. Send an email with your Rainette Order
2. Simply print the slip sent by us and put your package in a post office.
3. Your order will be refunded upon receipt and verification.
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★★★★★ Très pratiques pour être vus la nuit

Très pratiques pour être vus la nuit, ces barres de rayons se clipsent très facilement.

★★★★★ Décoration BRILLANTE !

Produit top pour être vu de côté de nuit.
Produit solide et bonne tenue une fois fixé.
De plus cela costumise les vélos !!!
C'est brillant !!!

★★★★★ Très facile à installer je recommande

Très facile à installer, on sent qu’il s’agit de bons matériaux. Très satisfaite je recommande.

★★★★★ Commande expédiée très rapidement

Commande expédiée très rapidement ! Parfait !

Augmente ta visibilité

À vélo on vous entend pas, pensez à être visible ! Les microbilles de verre contenues dans vos réflecteurs, appelées également catadioptres, réfléchissent dans l’obscurité sous une source de lumière ainsi, elles vous rendent visible à 360°.