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Well protected and visible!


No more warm rain trousers,

complicated to put on and as big as a bundle.

Here are the rainpants, against the rain, for comfort.

Technical data


  • One size fits all: (fits sizes S to L)
  • Colour: charcoal
  • Heat sealed seams to ensure waterproofness
  • An adjustable elastic waistband
  • Retroreflective strips*: 2.5 cm wide on each side, tone on tone
  • Oeko-tex 100 waterproof fabric
  • Resistance to 5000 mm water column
  • Ethical and responsible production
  • Registered design



  • 100% polyester, Oeko-Tex 100 certified
  • Gently hand washable

Its advantages


We found out quite simply that we rarely ride our bikes when it's raining hard and we rarely have our rain trousers with us when it rains! And when we do have them with us, we don't have the courage to put them on.

And then, when we find the courage to put them on, they have the good idea to turn into a sauna. As a result, 2 times out of 3 we arrive soaked no matter what!

So we thought of an alternative that would solve the drawbacks of rain trousers:

  • Protects from wind and light rain
  • Simple and quick to put on
  • Ultra-light, it protects you without keeping you too warm
  • Reflective stripes* so you can be seen by everyone.
  • An integrated storage pocket

Ethical and responsible production


The workshop that makes your raincoat is located near Shanghai. The workshop is BSCI certified, which means that the safety and social rights of employees are respected:

Social responsibility policy :

  • Regulation of working hours (maximum 40 hours/week)
  • Overtime pay
  • Fair wage
  • Annual paid leave
  • Freedom of association
  • Non-discrimination
  • Prohibition of child labour
  •  Provision of health and safety measures for employees

How does it work?


Your raincoat is an apron that covers your thighs and protects you from the rain while cycling. It is attached to the back with an elastic belt and there are Velcro fasteners below the knees to attach and hold it on!

Highly visible


To increase your visibility on the road, your rain jacket has reflective strips on both sides. Your presence and movements will be much better detected by motorists and others, no matter which direction you are travelling.

Easy to carry


Small and compact, your Rainette rain cover can be stored in a flash.

*Does not replace any approved visibility and safety element.

Well warm and visible!


To avoid having the fingers frozen by the cold and ensure a total control of its trajectory, it is essential that the hands are well protected.

  • Resist water and UV
  • Soft, comfortable and ultra visible
  • Quick attachment using the clamping cord
  • Are suitable for straight and curved handlebars (city bike)
  • The retroreflective material * increases your safety by making you more visible throughout your trip

The rule of the three layers!


Remember what your grandmother said before going out, put several layers of clothes and cover the ends.

Your sleeves are composed of:

  • A layer of retroreflective and rowing fabric
  • A layer of "moumoute" ultra soft to keep your hands warm
  • A rigid layer between the two, to stiffen your sleeves and form an additional barrier against the cold



  • 100% polyester, certified Oeko-TeX 100
  • Washable at 30°.
  • Developed in France, manufactured in Shanghai in a certified BSCI factory *
  • Ethical and responsible production

Conditioned in France, ESAT (insertion and reintegration workshop of people with disabilities)

The retroeching, how does it work?


The glass microbeads contained in the textile reflect in the dark under a light source: you are visible since March!

Your sleeves are repellent


The resistance of a fabric with water depends on its technicality but also the exposure time and the pressure of the water.

Your sleeves will resist light rain on less than an hour.

* Does not replace any element of visibility and security approved.

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Eco responsibility | Our raw materials

From the moment we produce, pollute. However, today we can produce better to pollute less. Our process is certainly, not yet optimal, but it has the merit of existing and progress.

Our reflective devices are:
• Solid and durable
• Do not require power source to work
• Do not produce unnecessary light pollution and are therefore less disturbing for wildlife than a lighted light.
• Easy to destroy at the end of life and potentially recyclable and reusable.

Our reflective fabrics
All textile equipment are manufactured in a BSCI * certified factory near Shanghai. The fabrics are Oeko-Tex 100 certified and are recyclable.

Fast shipping | Free returns

Shipping business days:

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The orders placed on Friday after 12h are treated on Monday after.


Easy back!

If the product does not suit you, send it back to us within 14 days after receiving your order. The product is in its original packaging and in perfect condition, it will be refunded upon receipt.


How to proceed ?

1. Send an email with your Rainette Order Number@rainette-shop.com
2. Simply print the slip sent by us and put your package in a post office.
3. Your order will be refunded upon receipt and verification.

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