Bahar Ashouri – CEO
Spring 2016: it rains 42 days, a record since 1960. Bahar takes her daughter Rose to the nursery every morning by bike, rain or shine. It's impossible to find a nice, practical cover. Early morning rides often turn into a drama.

Bahar has been working in the audiovisual sector for 15 years.
She has been on TV sets, created her own casting company, the time has come for her to start a new project, something useful, beautiful, creative!

15 months,
a few sleepless nights
and 25 prototypes later,
Rainette was born!

A range of cheerful, clever and accessible equipment,
to facilitate the daily life of bicycle-riding families.

Winner of the réseau entreprendre 93

The mission of Réseau Entreprendre 93 is to contribute to the success of business creators, with a high potential for job creation, by supporting them, both humanly and financially. We benefit from two years of privileged support coupled with an honorary loan, as well as networking with business leaders and entrepreneurs in the area.
We are so proud :)

Have a look around and count the things you see that do not come from China! Let's face it, China knows how to produce. It has the industry and the expertise.
Moreover, let's not forget that a man is a man, creating jobs here or elsewhere has the same value.
We manufacture technical products, Asia is indispensable to us. So, China, yes, but not any China, we have selected our supplier with the greatest care, our factories are certified BSCI * (Corporate Social Compliance Initiative).

• A regulation of working hours (maximum 40 hours/week).
• Overtime pay.
• A fair wage.
• Annual paid holidays.
• Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
• Non-discrimination
• Prohibition of child labour
• The implementation of measures for the health and safety of employees
• Responsible waste management

As soon as we produce, we cause pollution. However, today we can produce better to pollute less. Our process is not optimal but it has the merit of existing and progressing.

In 2022, we removed plastic from our sticker packaging in order to limit the environmental impact of our packaging.

We are working to reduce our CO2 emissions, in particular by expanding our portfolio of French-made products: our badges, from production to packaging, are French!
In addition, we have developed POS (point of sale advertising) that is 100% plant-based, compostable, additive-free and consequently better than recyclable, biodegradable.

• strong and sustainable
• do not require a power source to operate
• do not produce unnecessary light pollution and are therefore less disruptive to wildlife than a constantly lit light.
• they are easy to destroy at the end of their life and can be recycled and reused. 

• stickers
The ink used for the stickers complies with the EC-REACH regulation. Our stickers are illustrated, printed and packaged in France.

• reflectors
The factories that manufacture our reflectors are only in China and we have been very careful in our selection. We tested several products before selecting ours for its qualities: high performance, sustainability.

• laces
The laces are made and packaged in Poland, the fabric and the reflective tape are both Oeko-tex 100 certified and recyclable.

• véloche
The PVC and Velcro® used in the creation of the veloche come from Spain, the manufacture is entirely French. 

• raincoat-apron-sleeves-rainpants
All our textile equipment is manufactured by the same producer, the factory is BSCI* certified, it is located near Shanghai. The fabrics are Oeko-tex 100 certified and are recyclable.

• packaging  

Except for laces, all our products are packaged in France, in an ESAT, a workshop for the integration and reintegration of disabled people.