It's official ! The summer finally points the tip of its nose for our greatest happiness. But the beginning of complicated year left traces ...
If some regret having to repel their travel abroad, others are more concerned about their finances. At Rainette, we found the ideal solution that combines both discovery of the French landscape and economy: cycling tourism. So, ready for a sporting summer under the sign of bike hikes?

1 # - BicyclingSessée
The advantage of cyclotourism? Destinations are infinite. However, for security reasons, it is recommended to follow the velligences and greenways. A "constraint" that is not one, since today we have 22,800 km of roads adapted to the practice of cycling.
Some courses are also more famous than others for their development, beauty and cultural interest. Among them, the Vélodyssée. The latter is none other than the longest French icecream. With its 1,200 km, it runs along the Atlantic coast, from Brittany to the Basque coast. A path at a time tonic, wild and exotic with the ocean in backdrop.
Small precision, the route is fully marked with 70% car without car. A ready holidays that are waiting for you!
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2 # - Channel of the two seas
This time, the bike road connects two aquatic universes: the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. On nearly 800 km, you pedal along the Gironde Estuary, the Garonne Canal or the Canal du Midi, registered with UNESCO World Heritage.
From Royan, you join Bordeaux, Agen, Montauban, Toulouse, Carcassonne, then finally Beziers, Agde, Sète and Montpellier. A marked bike route to discover the southern sites and landscapes.
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3 # - Loire

And if you discover the Loire by bike? This cycling route of 900 km runs along the river of the Loire de Cuffy (Center-Val de Loire) in Saint-Brevin-les-Pins (Pays de la Loire). On theofficial site, Several cyclo courses are then proposed.
A week's stay, a weekend or a day, you will inevitably find hiking shoe at your foot. Anyway, your holidays will be punctuated by cultural discoveries (castles, monuments, museum). Everything, in a natural pedaling setting of towns in villages, through parks and gardens. Some bicycle routes even offer swimming for a refreshing break.


4 # - Biencias

Discover the history of France with the Vélocoute Vélistensie. Between converted tracks, greenways, small marked roads and forest roads, this 450 km bicycle route takes you to the heart of the Chevreuse Valley, Perche and Norman Bocage. Strong cultural immersion in the heart of the monuments of France, including five UNESCO heritage registrants.

The cycling course is simple. From Paris, you go to Versailles to admire the famous Palace of Versailles. You will then join Chartres where you discover the cathedral. Next step: Alençon, town renowned for its lace. Finally, you reach the thermal baths of the Orne, for a well-being and relaxing break. The bicycle circuit ends at the feet of Mont Saint-Michel, that only the most reckless will have the courage to climb.
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After loncing the Loire River, how about running on the Rhône? Lake Geneva to the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, the 815 km bike path leads you alpine panoramas to the beaches of Camargue, crossing the emblematic landscapes of the vineyards of the ribs of the Rhone and those of southern Provence.

Perched villages, lavender fields or olive trees, gastronomic discoveries ... La Viarhôna plunges you in more than 2,000 years of history and heritage wealth, alternating secure greenways and shared routes.
This route is ideal for those departing from Lyon, Valencia, Montélimar, Avignon, Arles or Montpellier. Discover the Véloroue du Soleil!
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New Véloroute, new destination. This time, direction northwestern France. From Normandy to the Atlantic, Cycling Francette offers 600 km of bike route to discover the flavors of a sweet France. On the program: Historical and cultural heritage, but also charm of French towns and villages.
Among the essential natural and cultural sites of this bicycle hike:

• Sword Beach's landing range

• The city of Caen

• The Normandy-Maine Regional Natural Park

• Norman Switzerland

• The Belvedere of the rock of Oere

• The medieval city of Domfront

• The Mayenne Valley

• Château-Gontier

• Saint-Aubin Island

• The Thouet Valley

• ...

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7 # - Alsace

Channels of canals and vineyards

We could start with there: with its 2,500 km of tracks and cycling routes Alsace is the first cycling region of France. As much to tell you that nothing is easier than crossing the Alsace by bike, whether in plain, in the vineyard, or in the mountains: small and large routes are conjugating in Alsace for the pleasure of all.
Indeed, Alsace is at the crossroads of three EuroVelo Roads: the Véloroute Rhine Eurovelo 15 which connects Andermatt to Rotterdam, the Eurovelo 5 - via Romea Francigena de London in Rome and finally the Eurovelo 6 - Veloroute des Rivers:
You can discover in peace, the local specialties by borrowing, the Véloroute of the vineyard of Alsace along the road of the wines.
Make a hook in Colmar by borrowing the Véloroutes Rhine who takes you for the beautiful Strasbourg Cathedral and then in Molsheim.
As for EuroVelo 6 with more than 1,400 km of landscaped courses, you will have one of the easiest and enjoyable cycling routes in France. From east to west, it borrows successively the Rhone Canal at the Rhine, the valleys of the Doubs, the Saone and the Central Canal in Burgundy, before following the Loire on 800 km from the Beak to Allier to its mouth.
We only have to wish you a good holiday!
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Walks and hikes from France by bike, in brief

Here is a list of the 7 key hikes in France for cyclists. Of course, there are many others that we invite you to discover, whether for a holiday with friends, with family, couple or solo. But no matter how your destination, you have to ride in all serenity. For this, Grainlet offers you a series of reflective accessories that guarantee you visibility in all circumstances.