The Christmas holidays are fast approaching and the moment to buy pretty present to your friends or family members rang. Yet it's the drama: you still have no gift ideas to offer ... Fortunately, Granette disguises Santa's pullery and comes to your rescue. In this article, you will find a non-exhaustive list of the best gifts to offer a professional cyclist or amateur. Let's go !


1- Smartphone support for bicycle handlebar


Smartphone support is certainly one of the best gifts you can find for a cyclist. Indeed, with this present, your friend will no longer need to stop for his phone during his races in town or during hikes.

Thanks to this smartphone support, the happy recipient will open his GPS to follow a route, make calls or monitor the weather without any worries. Be careful, however, to accompany this honorable advice gift so that the cyclist remains vigilant and focused on the road.

Our Shapeheart friends had the wonderful initiative to create a magnetic protective pocket for phone, hanging on bike!
Ultra efficient and easy to install, need to wipe your fingers on the scarf to type an address in the GPS. In addition to that, different sizes are available, to adapt to any type of notebook!

Take a look at theirwebsite !


2- Custom bike holder

Been to a cyclist who always encloses his corridor with his bike or who does not know where to store his faithful Destrier? Give him a bike rack! Indeed, the bike carrier can be fixed at any place of the house and thus disbanding the passage.


3- Complete cleaning kit

Water, mud, dead leaves and cycling do not mix in the long run. It is therefore important to clean and maintain your bicycle regularly. The main pieces to bichonner? The chain, wheels and platelets.



So enjoy a cyclist by offering him a complete cleaning kit for Christmas. The kit will then contain essential products for easy and regular maintenance of the bicycle like bike cleaner, degreaser spray, a microfiber sponge, cleaning brushes ... A magnificent gift for Christmas!

4- Shoes for cyclists

Cyclists' shoes create better connection between the cyclist and the bike, through the pedals. The goal is then to retransmit the effort supplied with the least possible loss, while ensuring some comfort. There are several models of bicycle shoes: soles adapted to automatic pedals, classic soles ... Of course, to offer bicycle shoes to a cyclist, you have to know his size. But this difficulty is well overdue, we give it to you.

5- Aero bars

Aero bars are undoubtedly the perfect tool to help a cyclist rolling even faster and further. For very little effort, Aero bars thus facilitate the race and make it epic. These large armrests with generous padding also offer good comfort. An excellent Christmas present for bicycle racing lovers!

6- Socks

Classic gift, but not less interesting, socks. However, it is important to choose soft and comfortable socks at the feet. And if they can be original, it's even better!

7- Jacket

Offering a jacket as a Christmas gift to a cyclist is a great idea. For races or hikes in winter, the jacket is warm and protects from cold. Whether it is to encourage other runners or for a small walk in the evening, a jacket is essential to keep track.

8- Reflective laces for sneakers

The reflective laces composed of transparent glass microbeads return the light in the night when illuminates! In addition to ensuring the visibility of the cyclist, the laces for sneakers from Rainette Customize the Sneakers for a good dose of style. Do you want to offer a really Waouh gift for Christmas? TheLACES RAINETTEare what you need.


9- Waterproof bag

Ideal for transporting everyday objects, the waterproof bag is certainly the accessory it takes for a cycling enthusiast. And for good reason, she keeps business dry and is very easy to transport. A must-have gift for the holiday season!

10- Reflective sleeves for bike

To control his trajectory, all the more in winter, a cyclist needs to protect his hands and keep them warm. Indeed, it is difficult to drive with the fingers frozen by the cold. To please your loved one at Christmas, give himRainette reflective sleevesFor bike! The latter correct not only the problem of the fingertips in Mister Freeze, but their reflective property also makes your friend visible on the roads.



11- Reflective stickers

Reflective stickers bring a bit of fantasy to cyclists to make them visible for any occasion. Resistant to water and UV,Grain Stickersare also very easy to install. So you can very well offer a helmet or a bike decorated with stickers to your loved ones with cycling.


12- Reflectors for reflective wheel

Make your friend visible on the roads by offering himReflective Rays for Cycling Wheelat Christmas ! Originals, these reflectors are available in different colors: multicolored, gold, green, silver and anthracite gray. In short, you are spoiled for choice.