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Terms of Sales

SAS RAINETTE company with a capital of 4 267EUROS
Headquarters 18 Passage of Sablons 93260 Lilas
833 836 687 RCS Bobigny
General conditions of sale of products sold
Date of last update 04 February 2019
Article 1: object
These conditions govern sales by the company SAS Grainette of bike accessories. These products are described and presented. The products offered for sale are described and presented with the greatest possible accuracy. However, if errors or omissions were able to occur as to this presentation, the responsibility of SAS Rainette could not be engaged. The photos representing our products have only an indicative value. These photos, just like the texts illustrating the products, do not fall into the contractual field.

Article 2 - Price
The prices presented on the site or the online store are final. They are guaranteed subject to typography or printing error.
The prices of our products are indicated in euros all taxes (VAT and other taxes applicable on the day of the order), unless otherwise indicated and excluding processing and shipping costs.
In case of order to a country other than metropolitan France you are the importer of the products concerned. Customs duties or other local taxes or import duties or State taxes are likely to be payable. These rights and are not the responsibility of SAS Ilyu. They will be at your expense and fall within your full responsibility, both in terms of statements and payments to the relevant authorities and bodies of your country. We advise you to inquire about these aspects with your local authorities.
All orders regardless of their origin are payable in euros.
The company SAS Rainette reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, but the product will be charged on the basis of the tariff in effect at the time of the validation of the order and subject to availability.
The products remain the property of the company SAS Rainette until the full payment of the price.
CAUTION: As soon as you physically possess ordered products, the risk of loss or damage to the products are transferred.

You can order:
On the Internet
The contractual information is presented in French and will be confirmed at the latest at the time of validation of your order.
The company SAS Rainette reserves the right not to register a payment, and not to confirm an order for any reason, and more particularly in the event of a supply problem, or in the event of difficulty concerning the order received.

Article 4 - Validation of your order
Any order on the websitewww.rainette-shop.comassumes membership in these terms and conditions. Any confirmation of order entails your full membership to these general conditions of sale, without exception or reserve.
All the data provided and the registered confirmation will vaudden proof of the transaction.
You declare to have perfect knowledge.
The order confirmation will be worth signature and acceptance of the operations carried out.
A summary of your order information and these Terms and Conditions, you will be communicated in PDF format via the confirmation e-mail address of your order.

Article 5 - Payment
Validating your order involves for you the obligation to pay the price indicated.
The payment of your purchases is made by credit card thanks to the secure Stripe system.
The flow of the card is only performed at the time of the shipment of the order. In case of fractional deliveries, only the products shipped are debited.

Article 6 - Retraction
In accordance with the provisions of Article L.121-21 of the Consumer Code, you have a retracted period of 14 days from the receipt of your products to exercise your right of retraction without having to justify reasons or to pay penalty.
Returns are to be performed in their original and complete status (packing, accessories, instructions). In this context, your responsibility is engaged. Any damage suffered by the product on this occasion may be likely to defeat the right of withdrawal.
The return costs are your responsibility
In the event of the exercise of the right of withdrawal, the company SAS Rainette shall proceed to the reimbursement of the sums paid, within 14 days of the notification of your application and via the same payment method as that used during the order.
Exceptions to the right of retractation
In accordance with the provisions of Article L.121-21-8 of the Code of Consumer, the right of withdrawal does not apply to:
The provision of services fully implemented before the end of the withdrawal period and whose execution began after express prior agreement of the consumer and renunciation expressly with his right of withdrawal.
The provision of goods or services whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market escaping the control of the professional and likely to occur during the withdrawal period.
Provision of goods made according to consumer specifications or significantly personalized.
The provision of goods likely to deteriorate or to perish quickly.
The provision of goods that have been descented by the consumer after delivery and can not be returned for health or health protection reasons.
The provision of goods which, after being delivered and by their nature, are mixed in an inseparable way with other articles;
The provision of alcoholic beverages whose delivery is deferred beyond thirty days and whose value agreed to the conclusion of the contract depends on fluctuations in the market beyond the control of the professional.
The provision of audio or video recordings or computer software when they have been desceased by the consumer after delivery.
The provision of a newspaper, a periodical or magazine, except for subscription contracts to these publications.
Transactions concluded at a public bid.
The provision of digital content not provided on a hardware medium whose execution has begun after express prior agreement of the consumer and express renunciation with his right of withdrawal.

Article 7- Availability
Our products are proposed as long as they are visible on the sitewww.rainette-shop.comand within the limits of available stocks. For non-stored products, our offers are valid subject to availability at our suppliers.
In case of unavailability of product after passing your order, we will inform you by email. Your order will be automatically canceled and no bank flow will be made.
In addition, the websitewww.rainette-shop.comDoes not intend to sell its products in large quantities. Therefore, SAS Rainette reserves the right to refuse orders of 10 identical articles.

Article 8 - Delivery
The products are delivered to the delivery address indicated during the ordering process, within the time indicated on the validation page of the order.
In case of shipping late, an email will be sent to you to inform you of a possible consequence on the delivery time that has been indicated to you.
In accordance with the legal provisions, in the event of delay of delivery, you benefit from the possibility of canceling the order under the conditions and modalities defined in Article L 138-2 of the Consumer Code. If, in the meantime you receive the product we will carry out its reimbursement and the delivery costs under the terms of Article L 138-3 of the Consumer Code.
In case of deliveries by a carrier, the company SAS Rainette can not be held responsible for delivery delay due exclusively to a client's unavailability after several appointment proposals.

Article 9 - Guarantee
All our products benefit from the legal guarantee of conformity and the guarantee of hidden defects, provided for in Articles 1641 and following of the Civil Code. In case of non-compliance of a product sold, it may be returned, exchanged or refunded.
All claims, requests for exchange or refund must be made by email within 30 days since the date delivery.
The products must be returned to us in the state in which you received them with all the elements (accessories, packaging, instructions ...). The shipping costs will be refunded on the basis of the charged rate and the return fee will be reimbursed on presentation of the supporting documents.
The provisions of this article do not prevent you from benefiting from the right of withdrawal provided for in Article 6.

Article 10 - Responsibility
The proposed products comply with the French legislation in force. The responsibility of SAS Rainette can not be engaged in case of non-compliance with the legislation of the country where the product is delivered. It is up to you to check with local authorities the possibilities of importing or using the products or services you plan to order.
In addition, the company SAS Grainette can not be held responsible for the damage resulting from the misuse of the purchased product. As such, it is important to test our magnet systems: you are responsible for the use of the latter and the responsibility of SAS Rainette can not be engaged in the event of damage caused on your devices at the end of a Unemployed use of the product. In case of defective, it is essential to contactrainette@rainette-shop.comTo proceed with an exchange and not to use a product that would not secure your devices 100%.
Finally, the responsibility of the company SAS Rainette can not be engaged for all the disadvantages or damages inherent in the use of the Internet, in particular a breach of service, an external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses.

Article 11 - Law applicable in case of disputes
The language of this contract is French. These conditions of sale are subject to French law. In case of dispute, the French courts will be the only competent.

Article 12 - Intellectual Property
All elements of the sitewww.rainette-shop.comare and remain the intellectual and exclusive property of SAS Rainette. No one is allowed to reproduce, exploit, rebroadcast, or use, even partially, elements of the site they are software, visual or sound. Any simple or hyperlink is strictly forbidden without an express written agreement from the company SAS Rainette.

Article 13 - Personal data
SAS Rainette reserves the right to collect personal information and personal data concerning you. They are necessary to manage your order, as well as to improve the services and information we address.
They can also be transmitted to companies that contribute to these relationships, such as those responsible for executing services and orders for their management, execution, treatment and payment.
This information and data are also kept for security purposes to comply with legal and regulatory obligations.
In accordance with the law of January 6, 1978, you have a right of access, rectification and opposition to personal information and personal data concerning you directly on the website.

Article 14 - Archiving proof
The company SAS Rainette will archive the orders and invoices on a reliable and sustainable support constituting a faithful copy in accordance with the provisions of Article 1348 of the Civil Code.
The computerized registers of the company SAS Rainette will be considered by all parties concerned as evidence of communications, orders, payments and transactions between the parties.

Raconter l'histoire  

L’histoire de Rainette commence… un jour de pluie !

Au printemps 2016, il pleut 42 jours : un record depuis 1960.

Bahar emmène sa fille, Rose, tous les matins à la crèche à vélo, qu’il pleuve ou qu’il vente. Sympa pour la planète, moins sympa pour Rose qui déteste sa cape de pluie.

Désagréable à mettre, désagréable à porter, les matins pluvieux virent souvent au drame.

Et sur le marché, aucun produit ne coche toutes les cases.

L’idée de concevoir la cape enfant idéale vient alors à Bahar.

L’équipement de vélo ? Rien à voir avec la carrière de Bahar qui travaille alors dans l’audiovisuel !

Depuis 10 ans, elle arpente les plateaux télés et les castings, mais l’envie de commencer un nouveau projet utile et créatif l’appelle.

15 mois de recherches, des dizaines de nuits blanches et 25 prototypes plus tard : le premier produit Rainette voit le jour !

Il s’agit évidemment de « l’imperméable pour siège enfant »  :

-       Léger et pratique

-       Facile à installer

-       Conçu pour plaire aux petits : il a des manches, les kids n’ont pas les mains enfermées comme dans une cape

-       Pleins de détails malins : la pochette de transport, la grande capuche spéciale casque, les bandes réfléchissantes…

Depuis cette première création, la collection Rainette n'a cessé de s'agrandir, proposant désormais des dizaines de produits pour les cyclistes de tous âges.

Des produits utiles, malins et stylés pour rendre vos déplacements à vélo plus simples et sympas !

 Rouler avec Rainette, c'est rouler avec style, au sec, au chaud et bien en vue ️

Ready to ride ? 



Les collections Rainette sont pensées pour rendre la vie à vélo plus simple.

Au travers de nos produits, ce sont toutes les mobilités douces que nous souhaitons encourager.


Notre sensibilité et nos engagements nous poussent à produire de manière responsable et alléger au maximum notre impact environnemental et humain tout en proposant des prix acceptables à nos clients.

Tout un programme !


Voici les sujets qui nous animent


1. Le respect des hommes et des femmes qui produisent


Rainette collabore avec des nombreuses entreprises partenaires et impose à chacune un cahier des charges au cœur duquel se trouve le respect.

Nous veillons au respect du droit du travail et au bien-être des personnes qui fabriquent nos produits.


Que notre produit soit fait en France, en Europe ou en Asie, notre exigence est la même.



Une qualité durable et production responsable


Nous produisons des équipements et accessoires de haute qualité car cela rime pour nous avec durabilité.

Un produit qui vieilli bien est un produit qui n’a pas à être remplacé.


Pour vous assurer cette qualité, nous nous préoccupons :

-       Sourcing des matières premières : comparaison, certifications, recyclabilité, solidité, technicité, nous prenons tout en compte pour sélectionner nos matières de base.

-       Compétence des fabricants : le sujet fait débat, mais nous préférons choisir une entreprise experte plus éloignée qu’une entreprise locale qui produit en mauvaise qualité. Et lorsque les entreprises françaises sont les meilleures, évidement nous faisons appel à elles ! Retrouvez par ici notre sélection made in France.

-       Amélioration continue : Rainette est à l’écoute de vos retours et ne cesse de repenser ses produits pour qu’ils vous satisfassent pleinement.  



Retrouvez en bas de page le détail des origines et des matières (link) qui composent la totalité de nos produits.

Chine or not Chine ?


Quand on parle de production responsable, le made in China est un sujet épineux.
Dérives humaines, impact écologique du transport, manque de qualité, l’industrie chinoise est dans le viseur.


Pourtant, la Chine sait produire avec savoir-faire et technicité. Chez Rainette, nous avons cherché, et nous n’avons trouvé une telle qualité ailleurs.

Nos produits techniques tels que nos réflecteurs ou nos imperméables viennent d’Asie. Mais pas à n’importe quel prix humain et environnemental.


Nous avons sélectionné avec le plus grand soin notre fournisseur et nos usines sont certifiées BSCI *( Initiative de conformité sociale en entreprise).

• une réglementation des horaires de travail (maximum 40 h/ semaine).
• une majoration des heures supplémentaires.
• un salaire équitable.
• des congés payés annuels.
• la liberté d’association et le droit à une négociation collective
• la non-discrimination
• l’interdiction du travail des enfants
• la mise en place de mesures pour la santé et la sécurité des employés
• la gestion responsable des déchets


Découvrir les dessous de nos produits

Nos dispositifs réfléchissants
• solides et durables
• ne nécessitent pas de source d’énergie pour fonctionner
• ne produisent pas de pollution lumineuse inutile et sont donc moins perturbants pour la faune qu’une lumière allumée constamment.
• ils sont faciles à détruire en fin de vie et potentiellement recyclables et réutilisables.
• stickers
L’encre utilisée pour les stickers est conforme aux normes du règlement CE- REACH. Nos stickers sont illustrés, imprimés et conditionnés en France.

• réflecteurs
Les usines qui fabriquent nos réflecteurs se trouvent uniquement en Chine et nous avons été très vigilants quant à notre sélection. Nous avons testé plusieurs produits avant de sélectionner les nôtres pour ses qualités : performants, durables.

• lacets
Les lacets sont fabriqués et conditionnés en Pologne, le tissu et la bande réfléchissante sont tous deux certifiés Oeko-tex 100. Ils sont recyclables.

• véloche et banane
Le PVC et le Velcro® utilisés pour la création de la véloche proviennent d'Espagne, la fabrication est entièrement française.

• imperméable-tablier-manchons-panti-pluie
L’ensemble de nos équipement textiles sont fabriqués par le même producteur, l’usine est certifiée BSCI*, elle se trouve près de Shangaï. Les tissus sont certifiés Oeko-tex 100 et sont recyclables.

Excepté les lacets, l’ensemble de nos produits est conditionné en France, dans un établissement d’aide par le travail (ESAT), un atelier d’insertion et de réinsertion de personnes en situation de handicap.


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