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Waterproof and UV resistant

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Visibility - security
On a bike you don't hear, it is essential to be seen by all.
These retro-reflective stickers are perfect for enhancing your visibility and adding a personal touch to your helmet, bike, cargo, scooter and other mobility.
Resists water and UV
Sticks to smooth surfaces (vinyl, aluminum, plastic... doesn't stick to fabric)
Format: 13.7 cm x 17.2 cm
Illustrated, developed and printed in FranceFrench flag
Conditioned in ESAT (insertion and reintegration workshop for people with disabilities)
REACH compliant ink

    How does it work?
    The glass microbeads contained in the reflective paper, also called catadiopters, reflect in the darkness under a light source.

    Photograph your stickers with the phone flash, the effect is absolutely magical: your stickers shine brightly.

    Retro-reflective paper for exterior markings.
    Ink complies with the standards of the CE- REACH regulation.
      How to use it
      Clean the surface well before bonding. It is important to accompany your children during the installation.
      When you pose you have the option to change your mind, your sticker stays adjustable for a few minutes. Beingfor external marking, it will be much more difficult to remove it later.
      If, despite all your precautions, bubbles form, you just have to pierce them with a needle and smooth the area with your hands.
      We warn you: the activity is highly addictive!


      Fancy item not replacing a high-visibility sticker certified EN1150 mandatory on motorcycle helmets.
      Some manufacturers do not recommend stickers on their helmets, please refer to your manufacturer's instructions.
      Forbidden to children under the age of 3.  Do not wear it to the mouth. Do not stick to the skin.
      Eco responsibility | Our raw materials

      From the moment we produce, pollute. However, today we can produce better to pollute less. Our process is certainly, not yet optimal, but it has the merit of existing and progress.

      Our reflective devices are:
      • Solid and durable
      • Do not require power source to work
      • Do not produce unnecessary light pollution and are therefore less disturbing for wildlife than a lighted light.
      • Easy to destroy at the end of life and potentially recyclable and reusable.

      Our reflective fabrics
      All textile equipment are manufactured in a BSCI * certified factory near Shanghai. The fabrics are Oeko-Tex 100 certified and are recyclable.

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      ★★★★★ Great stickers!

      Great stickers! ! Perfect quality, very nice design, very good adhesion on the bike and nice reverberation!
      Very good quality bike reflectors too, which give a nice touch to the bike by ensuring a better visibility!
      Love them !

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      Great stickers that delighted my children. Fast delivery. Great service

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      High quality stickers
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