The summer has just arrived, a good opportunity for many of you to go on vacation. And after this long period of confinement, what better than cyclotourism? But if you know, these bicycle holidays that allow you to be in symbiosis with nature. Nevertheless, if this mode of residence has many advantages, it is necessary to prepare before the big departure. We will explain everything to you.

Cyclotourism, what is it?

As its name suggests, cyclotourism refers to "bicycle tourism". The goal of a cycle tour is to go on a trip using its bike as a means of locomotion.

Whether the destination is in France or abroad, this type of holiday allows to visit otherwise than in classical tourism. And you are not obliged to leave far from home! Being on your bike allows you to discover your area as you have never seen it again.

Alone or more, taking your time or pedaling quickly ... Cyclotourism adapts to all desires and rhythms!

The many advantages of cycling

You can imagine, cyclotourism has many advantages, otherwise we will not talk about it. For starters, the bike is good for your health, especially for your heart. In addition, you find yourself outdoors, especially after confillment months, will allow you to breathe fresh air again and enjoy the sun, which promotes vitamin D production. Do not forget your sunscreen!

You also do sports while pedaling all day: a perfect opportunity to muscle. But in addition to taking care of your body, you take care of your mind. On your bike, it is the moment to let go (in the figurative sense of course), to forget your hassle and to refocus yourself on you. Coupe of your daily life, you can relax and leave your mind wander.

Cyclotourism also has a significant advantage: its cost. With a bike as a means of transport, no need to pay insurance, fuel or parking for the night. Your only mandatory investment is to buy a good bicycle and maintenance equipment. You can also enjoy this type of tourism to fully reconnect with nature and thus promote the campsite at the hotel, which makes considerably lower your holiday budget. Warning all the same, wild camping is not allowed everywhere.

Exactly, nature, let's talk about it! With your bike, you respect the environment with a production of co2minimal. Real green holiday!

Finally, go to bicycle, alone, in duet, with family or friends, it's an opportunity to enjoy beautiful places, take your time, go where you want, at your own pace. And if that was it, freedom?

The small disadvantages to take into account

As with all, cyclotourism has some small disadvantages. Nothing serious, but it is important to take them into consideration before preparing your trip, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Cycling, it's sporty! And if it brings a lot of benefits, you can also end up feeling fatigue. To avoid these decreases, we advise you to make breaks regularly. In your bag, also think about taking some rich snacks like dried fruits, cereal bars or chocolate. Finally, for the least sporting of you, consider investing in an electricized bike, so as not to go out of your vacation.

Also remember that as a cyclist, you will be outdoors during all your trips. So you are totally dependent on the weather, which can be lenient ... or not. Fortunately, a rain cape or a good K-way will protect you in case of bad weather.

Finally, we are never safe from a mechanical concern. Puncture, derailment, cables that let go ... Remember to do a complete check of your bike before leaving, to make sure your tires are well inflated and your operational brakes. Also plan to bring an emergency repair kit, so that these small inconveniences are quickly forgotten.

Cyclotourist checklist

When one runs in cyclotourism, it is essential to equip yourself well, but also not to clog itself! Remember that you will need to wear all your business for the duration of your journey. Your mantra? MINIMALISM!

Among the essentials to predict, we first advise you an emergency repair kit for your bike, as well as a pump to keep tires inflated with block. As you will sometimes be forced to leave your two wheels, time to go shopping for example, get a strong anti-theft to avoid unpleasant surprises.

If you move away from cities, consider preparing a pharmacy kit, with first aid equipment. A GPS and a road map will also help you orient.

On the clothes, no question of cluttering you! Take only the strict needed, namely lightweight clothes in case of high temperatures and hottest for fresh moments and for the night. For family trips, do not forget to take aRain Cloak or K-Way, in case of capricious weather.

If you plan to sleep outdoors, prepare your camping equipment (tent, down, stove, pocket lamps ...), as well as hygiene products.

And of course, pass your safety as a priority! Thus, it is essential to carry with you a helmet for children under 12, rear (red), front (white) and lateral (orange) cadadioptis (orange) not to hide with your bags, a bell, a vest Yellow and position lights. And to gain visibility and ride in peace, make a groove and reflective accessories your companions. 😉