As an urban cyclist, your visibility on the roads is essential. And for good reason ! Rolling by bike exposes you to an important accident risk, especially when you cohen with motor vehicles. In order to limit these risks, it is important to make you visible in all circumstances, and even more at night. That's why Rainette has designed for you effective reflective bicycle accessories. Let's discover these products!


Cycling rays to radiate in the night

Family ride, bicycling ... All the reasons are good to ride one's two wheels. Especially since this outdoor practice makes it possible to mitigate the symptoms of depression, regulate the cycles of sleep and significantly reduce stress. But for that, must it still be serene on the roads, without fear the accident.

To make you visible, Granette then offers you to brighten your sad wheels with a little color. If some see life in pink, others will play the map of originality with multicolored rays. You also have the choice between gold, green or silver. Namely that silver reflectors benefit from ISO 20471 high visibility certification.

And besides, how does it work? Each stick has an opening that allows you to clip it on the radius. Ultra-simple reflectors to install for a significant visibility supplement. And if our rays are sold by Pack of twelve, the number by wheel is unlimited (or almost). So, make you happy!




Fluo laces for iconic sneakers

Who said that sneakers were bland? Certainly not groove! With our reflective laces, you can customize your sneakers with style. This originality is then in the immense choice of the colors, which allows the passage of matching your sneakers to your outfit or to your mount. White, blue, yellow, black, pink or red ... Affirm your look, no matter your age or your kind!

But in addition to being original, you are unique. Eh yes ! Rainette is the only company to design these wonderful laces. You benefit from a unique offer in the world, and that is the assured class.

But then, how does it work? Just replace the current laces of your shoes by those reflective from Rainette. So, your feet illuminate bitumen and all eyes are worn on you. You are finally visible on the roads, regardless of your means of locomotion. Bicycle certainly, but also scooter or on foot, simply.

Original stickers to pedal with class

We end this color and visibility parade with reflective strain stickers. The latter bring a bit of fantasy to your bike, your helmet and your outfit to make you remarkable for any occasion.
If our stickers are the darling of your children, they are also suitable for use by the greatest. Resistant to water and UV, they will allow you to have your own style, day and night.

With regard to their installation, nothing more simple! Simply clean the surface before laying down, then gently stick the sticker. For good adhesion, a minimum gluing temperature of +18 ° C is, however, advised.

And small bonus, the whimsical and retro-reflective stickers are all printed in France. French elegance, there is only that real!
To use without moderation, on your helmet, bike, scooter, skateboard, hoverboard, suitcase, scooter ...

Reflective sleeves to protect themselves from the cold

It's all beautiful, it's brand new, we present you the bike sleeves! Yes, we have all ever been cold at the hands by bike, whether to go to work, at the exit of the school or during walks on weekends. Hence the interest of wearing sleeves that keep your hands warm, and this, all winter.

Both soft and comfortable, the sleeves are also repellent, allowing you to withstand a light rain on a trip of less than one hour. Finally, and here are all about this article, the sleeves are designed from a retroreflective material that makes you more visible throughout your bike trips

Reflective bicycle accessories for more visibility

By bike, you do not arrive, despite the obligation of an audible bell at least 50 meters! It is therefore paramount to be visible.
In addition to the rear (red), front (white) and lateral (orange) cadadiopters, a white front position and a red rear position, as well as a yellow vest approved outside agglomeration and in case Low visibility, it may be interesting to complete your equipment with reflective accessories.

Indeed, the transparent glass microbeads, contained in the reflectors, reflect the light when they are illuminated. In other words, they make you visible against the headlights of a car or under public lighting. 360 ° visibility, regardless of the angle of attack of light.
These microbeads make all the difference with a phosphorescent material. And for good reason, the latter needs to be recharged (it stores, then rejects the light). This is not the case of microbeads, which return the light naturally and without consuming extra energy.

Result? Reflective accessories for grooved bicycle have a significant life. All at a very affordable price. We can therefore conclude that the price / price ratio is at the rendezvous, but you will be judged by yourself😉

A vigilant behavior on the roads

In order to be visible on the roads, reflective accessories are a good starting point. But it is also essential tofollow the road codeAnd to learn to report your presence. So, extend the arm in the direction in which you turn and raise the arm when you want to stop.
Also remember to bring a bicycle helmet and a yellow vest approved in all circumstances, even when it is not mandatory. Indeed, these equipment greatly limit the risks and disastrous consequences in the event of an accident.

With regard to your bike, check that the latter is in good condition and correctly set to your size. The ideal would be to install mirrors on your two wheels for more visibility on your environment. The danger spacer is also a good device to encourage cars to move away during an overrun.

And you, what are you doing to ensure your visibility?