A family ride at bicycle is a real moment of pleasure that delights great as little ones. But it can also quickly turn into a nightmare if you are not properly prepared. Choice of trail, equipment ... Back on the indispensable to organize its family bike exit!


1 # - Choose a short and practicable course

Before considering any exit, the bike must be mastered by your child. In other words, the latter must be able to ride right (even at slow speed) and brake without laying the feet on the ground.
This point specified, family walking rhymes with pleasure. No need to tire to pedal on impressive elevation trails. Focus on easy bike courses!
For this, choose a relatively flat path, which does not require change speeds. Yes, children are not always comfortable with this notion. This will also avoid making too much effort.
Always in this optics of exit-pleasure, prefer the short trips. Your toddlers get tired much faster than you. If your trip is more than 20 km, the ideal will be extended over a whole day or even several days. By taking wide, you will be able to make breaks regularly. How about a picnic? According to the circuit, take advantage of it also to visit the surrounding tourist places.
Finally, opt for greenways specially designed for sweet family walks. The edge of the docks is often a good option too. The importance is to select a secure and car without car to guarantee the safety of all.

2 # - Prepare each bike for a secure family output

Exit with family or not, it is essential to make acheckupcomplete from his bike before any departure. As we mentioned it in aprevious article, the two wheels of the whole family must have:
  • Inflated tires to ride well
  • Front and rear brakes operational to stop
  • Rear (red), front (white) and side (orange) (orange) cadadiopters to signal its presence
To prevent you are on the roads, the audible bell at a distance of minimum 50 meters is also an indispensable. Especially since this "sweet" noise will greatly entertain your children. Hot in front!

For babies under 5 years old, a bicycle baby seat or a bike trailer will be mandatory. The second option may be more comfortable for long walks.

Last point to check: the size of the saddle. For this, install on the saddle of your bike and put the foot on the pedal. When the pedal is at the lowest, your leg must be tense and not flexed. In doubt, do not hesitate to ask for a professional!

For information, some bikes grow at the same time as your child. An interesting investment for walking lovers.

Now that all bikes are ok, remember installing a bike rack on your car, if the walkway is away from your home.


3 # - Well equip and forget nothing

Once the bikes are ready, it is great time to prepare you. Remember to take clothes adapted to the weather! In case of risk of showers, we think of course in K-Way. In case of great sun, we opt for a t-shirt and we do not forget the sunscreen. For information, the port of a certified retro-reflective vest is mandatory off agglomeration, night and day in case of poor visibility.

For your children under 12, conductors or passengers, the wearing of a certified helmet (CE standards), adjusted to the head and attached is mandatory, according to the French regulations. Coussers can even bring to more advanced ages. It would not be necessary for a vilaine injury to spoil the exit. Think also with shin guards and elbow protectors which, like the helmet, avoid the inappropriate little bodos.
In your bag, slide:
  • A pharmacy kit
  • Gourdes filled with water for the whole family
  • A snack to taste
  • A repair kit in case of punctured tires (scraper, rustins, glue, spare air chambers and tire dismantle)
  • A bike pump
  • An anti-theft
  • A road map and a compass and a GPS
  • Your papers with money
To make you visible for any occasion, think also about the grooved products. Wheel rays, laces, stickers ... Your children are coming up with these reflective accessories that bring a touch of style to their headphones, their bike and their outfit. A good way to please them while ensuring their visibility!

4 # - The latest recommendations before bike family exit

Before the big departure, remember to check the weather one last time. Not sure your lapiots enjoy pedaling in the gadua (albeit😜).
Then give your children all the safety rules:
  • Rolling right and in Indian file
  • Depart from parking vehicles to avoid taking a door open suddenly
  • Stop at the crossroads
  • Stay grouped
And for small blades, we think of going to the bathroom before baking its two wheels (children, as adults). Let's go for a family day by bike under the best auspices!