Cyclist, you're afraid of driving your bike? It is legitimate. In France, more than 400,000 bicycle flights are identified a year. An alarming figure, but that can be decreased by adopting the right gestures today. Discover our 6 tips for fighting bike flights!

1 # - Mark your bike

When an animal is found, how do you believe that the police can identify his owner? Thanks to its marking (chip or tattoo), yes!

This is exactly the same to recover your bike. The bicycode marking, set up by the federation of bicycle users (Fub) in 2004, allows you to list your two-wheelers in a national database. Thus, if your bike is found, police services will be able to contact you more easily by accessing your details. In addition, a marked bike usually dissuates thieves.

But then, how to mark your bike? Nothing's easier :

  • Appointmentat an authorized operatorwith the bike purchase invoice and your ID.

  • Burn a unique identification number for an average cost of 5 to 10 €.

  • Save your bicycle on the online databaseOrg.

And voila ! Be aware that the mobility law (LOM law), voted in November 2019, will require the identification of new bicycles from 2021. This marking will then be proposed upon store purchase.

2 # - Subscribe a bicycle insurance

You have invested in a value bike? It would be a shame to make you steal ... If taking anti-theft insurance does not protect you against the flights, it ensures you however financial compensation. What is not negligible! In addition, some insurance offer a "stolen bike, bike replaced bicycle" guarantee. You will not have any excuse for your trips. Go hop, in saddle!

3 # - Replace the quick fasteners with anti-theft bolts

If some people steal the entire bike, others are interested in certain rooms. Yes, the sale of spare parts is a fruitful business. In order to avoid the flight of removable parts of your bicycle (saddle and wheels in particular), replace the quick fasteners by anti-theft bolts. Thus, in order to adjust the height of your saddle or remove your wheels, it will now need a key. A key who will be well kept and who will lead life hard at the thieves!

As for those circulating by electric bike, we strongly advise you to remove the battery during your parking lots. Indeed, even if it is secured thanks to its anti-theft key, it will dissuade the thief who will immediately find your bike less seductive.

4 # - Invest in a good anti-theft, even two

To avoid flights, nothing better than good protection. We then recommend using U and U Folding Anti-Theft, recognized by European legislation. Their strength is, indeed, much greater than the chains or to the small anti-thefts often too fine (less than 10 mm). In addition, this type of padlock dissuades thieves. Than the bonus!

Other possibilities: Smart locks that unlock only by Bluetooth. Or antivols with alarm, like cars. In case of flight or flight attempt, the alarm will start and will certainly flee the thief. However, if your bike is assured, it is necessary to obtain a certified antivol from the list provided by your insurance company.

But as they say, better twice as a question of security! So, we advise you to use not one, but two bike padlocks. This multiplication of the anti-thefts will then have the role of deterring the thief who will tackle an easier prey. But also to make the flight from the bike more complex.


5- Choose the best places to park your bike

Contrary to what one might think, isolated and narrow streets are not the right solution. And for good reason, they leave the field open to thieves who can maneuver freely. Prefer busy, lighted streets that increase the risk of criminals being unmasked. Hands up, you're surrounded! However, avoid places that are too busy, such as market squares or subway exits, where the flight would go unnoticed, drowned in the human flow.

Little friend's advice: vary the parking spaces! Your mount should not be parked in the same place to avoid detection and then stolen with the right tools.

Of course, the best way to not have your bike stolen is to park it in a secure place, such as a garage, an entrance hall or an apartment. In short, a private and enclosed place.

6- ALWAYS tie your bike, always

We're not going to hide it: statistically, most stolen bikes are mostly badly attached. The first reflex to adopt is to always attach your bike, even if you leave it in a so-called safe place, as mentioned above.

The first anti-theft will then attach your bike by the frame to a fixed support, while the second will attach the rest of the bike to the support. And if you have a frame anti-theft built into your bike, it's even better. The rear wheel will then be automatically blocked.

Fixed-end, we'll also add the adjective "solid." In the idea, prefer a pole, a sign or even hoops for parking bikes to vegetation or an easy-to-cut fence with a clip cut. Yes, because even with the best anti-theft in the world, attaching your bike to a mobile stand is the best way to see it disappear.

Finally, this fixed support, firmly anchored to the ground, will also have to be high. If not, your bike can easily be lifted and pulled out from the top...

A quick clarification: make sure that anti-thefts do not hang around on the ground. Indeed, a padlock is easier to open when it is on the ground, with a good hammer blow, for example. Yes, some people walk around with hammers to steal bikes.

7 - In case of theft anyway...

If your bike is still stolen, which is unlikely, the first thing to do is to make a report of theft to your police station. To do this, keep the purchase bill for the bike that will then be requested. Also bring a photo of the car (simpler for identification). The official flight document will allow you to run your insurance. Then all you have to do is wait for the call that we hope to find your bike.