Who says end of the summer, also says the return! The opportunity to take good resolutions, such as cycling. But when you have never done in urban areas, it can quickly be dangerous ... Fortunately, we reveal all our tips to start bike in town. Let's go !




If you follow the groove items for a short time, you know the importance of equipping itself. The goal? See and be seen by pointing out your presence. As evoked in the article"Rolling by bike: what does French regulation say? »Here is a list of mandatory bike equipment:

• Cadioiptre at the back (red), cadiipter at the front (white) and side cards (oranges)

• Audible doorbell at least 50 meters away.

If you roll at night, or in case of insufficient visibility due to fog, rain or a passage under a tunnel, you must also have a:

• Rear position light (red)

• Locking Envynon Position Fire (White or Yellow)

• Certified yellow vest

Finally, if you ride with a child under 12, driver or passenger, he will have to wear a homologated helmet (CE mark) and attached. However, we advise older people to also wear a helmet to circulate in all serenity. For information, the baby seat is mandatory for children under 5 years old.

Any absence of one of these equipment exposes you to a lump sum fine.

Recommended accessories

The most important cycling is undoubtedly to be seen by other users. To do this, you can add to the bell, catadioptis, position lights and vest, ofReflective accessories. Thanks to their glass microbeads, these equipment reflects the light to make you visible at 360 °.
Indispensable visibility assets that you can findon our shop, in the form of stickers, laces or bicycle rays.
Always in this perspective of driving safely,Mirrors and danger devicesare welcome on your bike.

Finally, security is also established at the judgment. In order to limit the risk of flight from your bicycle, invest in a good antitheft. In other words, aresistant anti-theft.

In the field of comfort this time, dress withClothes adapted to the weather. Some t-shirts and jackets are designed to limit perspiration. We advise you. The gloves will, for their part, be your best allies to avoid the ugly cloic and the appearance of horn. Oh yes, we were going to forget! Thebasketis ideal for rolling in agglomeration because it allows you to deposit your briefcase or your racing bags. Be careful, however, to the flight to the snatch! Thus, never put your handbag or other luggage containing your papers.


Check the condition of its bike before leaving in town


Before walking your bicycle, it is important to check its condition. And that concerns mainlyBrakes and tires. So make sure your brakes are operational. As soon as they seem a little worn, replace them. As for tires, they must, of course, be swollen and not flat.

Also remember to frequently check their pressure, which should be between 3.5 and 5 bar. How to check it? Either directly from home if you have a manometer, or in inflation station.
If you have opted for the basket, make sure the latter is hooked on your bike. This will save you from being embarrassed during your conduct.


Privilege cycling facilities

Start cycling in town, it's good! But cohabitation with other road users can be delicate. Because yes,traffic on sidewalks is prohibitedFor cyclists over 8 years old. You must share the roadway. So, in order to ride safely and pleasantly,Bicycle paths and greenways are to be preferred. Indeed, the latter being reserved, they offer a significant safety distance with motorists.

In addition, you will breathe twice less polluted air, according toAn AirParif study dating from 2019. Yes, what better than the bike tapes to move away from the exhaust pots and therefore pollution? Provided, of course, pedaling at a moderate pace to avoid hyperventilation and therefore excessive inhalation of pollutants.


Cycling in city: respect the code of the road

Start cycling in town, it is also to submit to the road code. Tricolore lights, ground markings, panels, right priorities ... Let's look together how to adapt these rules to the practice of the two-wheelers.

First of all, it is essential toPlace yourself. Roll on the right lane, like cars, scooters and other users. If you are several cyclists, the Indian queue is putting. Then think to keep your trajectory, in other words toride straight. Zigzags are dangerous because it makes your unpredictable movements for motorists.

Need to turn? Notify the people around youby extending the arm in the desired direction. And what, long before you hire, so that users have time to take into account the information.

As a cyclist, you are, of a nature, little visible. So, even if you have thepriority, do not go down head down.Slow down systematicallyso you can stop when needed.

Finally, for overruns, cycling as a car,We only go beyond the left. Never before, on the right! This implies back the queue at a red light on the left to join the first car. And, of course, we stop at the fires. Respect for the code of the road, you remember?

PS: In roundabouts, always stay the right on the right, even if you take the last exit.


Be vigilant in relation to its environment


Pay attention toThe state of the roadwaywhich is not always very well maintained in urban areas. A rubbish, a hole, a slippery sewer plate, and it is the drama ... Keep attentive eye throughout the journey to avoid these obstacles.

Think abouttake a look at motoristsTo make sure they have seen you. This will allow you to better anticipate their actions. In addition to the view,Also extend the ear. Engine that turns, klaxes ... essential sound information! The headphones are therefore to be avoided.

Finally, try to take the most place possible on the road by moving away fromA minimum meter of the sidewalkor cars parked on the side. This avoids motorists attempting hazardous movements, but mostly avoids the risk of "car-dooring". In other words, car doors that open without warning.


The trucks, these trucks of the road, are not only dangerous for cars and scooters, but also and especially for cyclists. It is therefore better toLimit truck overrunswhile remaining wisely behind.

Attention also to scooters and motorcycles often arise from nowhere! Hence the importance of always listening and well placed on the road.

But the road is not just for motorists. Pedestrians are also to be watched, especially on studded crossings. Then remember to use your doorbell to get noticed.


Start cycling in the city: what happiness!

Want to start cycling in the city? That's a good idea! Thanks to the advice mentioned above, you will ride your faithful destrier serenely and become the king of the city. On the program: grain of time, health and mental at the top and savings. But to find out all the benefits of cycling, we invite you tofind out the corresponding article.